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Yoga Training and Transformational Retreats

This experience exceeded any and all expectations. The mental clarity, energy, friendships, and strength I'm taking home with me are beyond words. Thank you for enriching my life and the lives of so many wonderful individuals.

Sabrina, US. February 2017

What is a Transformational Training?

Transformational yoga trainings are programmes designed by Sparkling Yoga Retreats and our stellar teachers and co-creators to transform not only your practice, but also to transform your life. Our trainings are way beyond yoga retreats and yoga travel, and offer a very intense and rich learning programme that will equip you with a myriad of incredible new tools, skills and knowledge that you can use in your own practice, in your teaching and if your life as a whole.

Why Transformational Trainings?

Transformational Trainings have been created by Sparkling Yoga in response to our guests' desire to learn and evolve at a more intense pace than a retreat, and in response to requests of yoga- and movement teachers as well as wellbeing professionals who are our frequent guests at retreats. These individuals are ready for develop and grow even more than a retreat can provide, and we are delighted to cater for their drive and willingness to learn - so with these training programmes we are supporting their process of  taking their knowledge of human body, yoga, movement, Ayurveda and more, to a whole new level.

Who are the Transformational Trainings created for?

  • Yoga practitioners with a strong drive, curiosity and willingness to learn
  • Yoga/pilates/movement teachers who would like to be brilliant at what they do and continue learning and growing
  • Health and holistic wellbeing professionals who are not satisfied with the status quo and would like to offer more value to their clients through their work
  • Students and professionals who are willing to expand their knowledge and skills' repertoire and serve themselves and others better and live a fuller, healthier, more vibrant life as well as helping others attain their health goals

Who are the Transformational Trainings NOT for?

  • Participants interested in a holiday in a traditional sense
  • Participants not prepared for a powerful programme filled with theory sessions and a lot of interactive hands-on practice
  • Participants who have never practiced yoga
  • Participants not interested in attaining a better health and opening their full potential
  • Participants not willing to invest their energy into inner work and acquire new knowledge and skillset
  • Participants who like to make excuses
  • Participants who prefer a solitary learning process and do not enjoy learning in a group setting

Who are the facilitators of the Transformational Trainings?

Our transformational trainings are led by the world-class highly qualified, talented, educated and experienced teachers who are truly accomplished masters in their field. These people are who the creators of Sparkling Yoga want to study with, and we couldn't be happier about the possibility to co-create these trainings with the best of the best, and to be able to share these unique experiences with you.