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SPRING DETOX WEEKEND: Zurich City Retreat with Elena Mironov



Spring Detox Weekend: Zurich City Retreat with Elena Mironov

1- or 2-day programme

I invite you to a special mini city retreat that features a cleansing vinyasa flow practice, complete with restorative and yin yoga, and concluded with deeply restful yoga nidra meditation.

In addition to yoga and meditation programme, you will also receive thorough guidance for a weekend of detoxing your body from all that has accumulated over the Autumn and Winter period, so that you feel lighter in your body and clearer in your mind.

What a beautifully complete experience for a perfect self care weekend!

Join an inspiring group of local and international yogis and yoginis, and enjoy this rich programme that will leave you feeling lighter, awake, clear, balanced and refreshed, ready for Spring and glowing from the inside.

All levels welcome.



Clean up your body and your diet, and boost your cells with energy after a long Winter!



・do you want to learn a detoxing yoga sequence that helps to naturally cleanse your digestive organs?

・are you ready to stop feeling tired and lethargic and unleash your energy?

・would you like to feel lighter and cleaner in your body as well as mentally more clear and focused?

・are you interested to find out how a simple Ayurvedic trick that only uses 1 ingredient available in every home, can help to gently and very effectively clear the buildup of toxins on the walls of the intestines?

・do you want to awaken your digestion and metabolism after Winter hibernation, and burn off those extra calories?

・finally, do you need to slow down, re-charge and get inspired, as you dedicate your whole weekend to me-time and self-care?


If yes, this Detox + Spring Awakening Zürich Mini City Retreat is created just for you!




The mini city retreat is taking place at Yoga Elements. This yoga space in Feldmeilen (15 minutes train ride or drive from Zurich city centre/Bellevue). You can get there from Zurich by public transport, car or bike. The studio overlooks a park and the lake of Zurich.

Address: General-Wille-Str. 108, 8706 Feldmeilen.

We look forward to having you with us.




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I can't wait to have you with us to share this very special experience.


 28.03.2020 (Saturday) and 29.03.2020 (Sunday) both days from 12-16


✓ Talk/presentation covering Ayurvedic detox tools, nutrition and lymphatic system

✓ Introduction to practical methods of home detox, and overview of main detox systems

✓ Cleansing, purifying and energising fire and water element vinyasa flow

✓ Restorative detox flow + yin yoga focusing on detoxing and cleansing the digestive system

✓ Yoga nidra guided meditation in savasana (lying down) for emotional detox

✓ Detox shots with ginger

✓ Making new friends and re-connecting with past retreat guests - just because it's always fun to spend your weekend in good company


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Can I just join one of the days?

It's definitely a good idea to join both days if you can, but if you already busy with other things on one of the days, you CAN just join the other day. Simply select this option when booking your spot!



Can I bring a friend?

Yes, and it's actually a great idea. As you learn about detox yoga and supporting practices together with a friend, you can keep each other accountable as you start to implement what you learn during the weekend.

To encourage you to join together, I've created a special Best Friend Ticket for you two so that you can join together and save. Simply select this option when booking your spot.




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