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Zürich: Meditation Concert and Restorative Yoga

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Zürich: Meditation Concert and Restorative Yoga

with Elena Mironov and Alfredo Ferre - LIMITED TICKETS!


This is a special edition of the Meditation Concert as it's on Alfredo's birthday, and he decided to celebrate it playing for us!


What is Meditation Concert?

An event where you're asked to bring a blanket and a pillow sure sounds like a slumber party or a forum of savasana experts. It's not too far from truth - just add live concert grand piano and cello, a restorative yoga practice, breathwork and a yoga nidra meditation, and you've got a perfect plan for your Sunday afternoon.

In other words, Meditation Concert is an extremely relaxing experience that allows you to "receive" live music from the comfort of lying down on your back in savasana, in a restful and meditative half-asleep half-awake state.

What kind of music can you expect from Alfredo Ferre at this Sleep Concert?

Music created by Alfredo is like a cocoon of something beautiful. It envelopes you with gentle threads of sound and makes you feel so deeply that you forget space and time. His healing music makes you float in the moment, halfway to dreamland, absorbed in the most delicate of sounds. My favourite kind of savasana!

One important detail: Alfredo is not just a great cellist. He's a creator, a sound healer, a deeply attuned and very talented musician who himself is on a spiritual path. He has created a unique way of playing meditative cello that you haven't heard before. After I have experienced his music for the first time, I knew I had to co-create a Sleep Concert with him so that my Swiss community of yogis (that's you!) can experience his magic too. And yes, we'll be playing together as well.


What kind of music can you expect from me?

At the end of the Sleep Concert, you will hear my new cinematic piano music performed on a stunning grand piano at our gorgeous space by lake Zurich. To get an idea of the music style, listen to the recent Spotify release that we have co-created together with Alfredo.


Let yourself be grounded through a yoga practice, and then allow live music to take you even deeper into a state of relaxation.

Join us for a rich half-day programme dedicated to creating space for self-care, rest and inspiration.

All levels welcome.



・do you sometimes have trouble letting go, relaxing or falling asleep, with thoughts rushing through your busy mind?

・does life get so busy that you are in a "doing mode" most of the time, and it is hard to connect to how you actually feel?

・are you ready to open yourself to undiscovered emotions that come up when you are quiet and receptive?

・would you like to experience a meditation technique that in one 40-minute session can offer a scientifically proven equivalent to 3-4 hours of quality sleep?

・do you need to slow down, relax and re-charge, dedicating your Sunday to me-time and self-care?


If yes, this special edition Sleep Concert + Zürich Mini City Retreat is created just for you.




The city retreat is taking place at a spacious and light filled ballet school in Kusnacht, Zurich,10 minutes ride from Zurich city centre.

You can get there from Zurich by public transport, car or bike. On Sundays there's abundant free parking available in the area.

Address: Freihofstrasse 20, 8700 Küsnacht (2nd floor).

We look forward to having you with us!




19.11.2023 (Sunday) from 15-18


✓ Restorative slow flow yoga practice suitable for all levels

✓ Yin Yoga

✓ Sleep concert in savasana (listen to our music here)

✓ Yoga nidra guided meditation in savasana (lying down)

✓ Making new friends and re-connecting with past retreat guests - this Sunday will most definitely be spent in very good company!


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We can't wait to have you with us to share this very special experience.


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