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Zürich City Retreat with Elena: Flow of Life



FLOW OF LIFE: Water Element City Retreat


Join us for 1, 2 or 3 days!


Friday 12.05 - 19:30-21:30 includes opening circle, yoga for nervous system balancing, yoga nidra and Sleep Concert with live piano + more

Saturday 13.05 - 14-17 water element flow + yoga nidra, breathwork + more (optional dinner afterwards)

Sunday 14.05 - 12-15 water element flow + yoga nidra, myofascial release, sound healing + more (optional late lunch afterwards)


During this city retreat what awaits you is water element practice - Ayurvedically speaking the best selection of yoga sessions to balance your body and mind this Spring!

If you have already experienced a water element practice with me, I don't have to say anything... And if you haven't yet, you're in for a treat!


You’ll feel

• the fluidity of movement melting stress and tightness, cleansing you from the inside

• Prana - life force - flowing freely through your body, tingling in your fingertips, moving from the toes to the head like champagne bubbles

• life awakening, blossoming in every cell like lush magnolias in your garden.


So, save those dates in your calendar, invite your bestie and get ready to say hello to Spring and to your inner and energetic awakening!






・Are you ready to melt everything that's blocking the free flow of energy, and set it free?

・Are you prepared to discover your favourite new ways to move to liberate your spine, lubricate your joints and lengthen muscles + fascia?

・Do you want to switch off your mind for a while, giving the infinite intelligence of your body a chance speak?

・Would you love to experience a state of fluidity, openness and total freedom in your body and mind?

・Finally, would you appreciate 100% "me"-time for one whole weekend, filled with live music, healing and cleansing water-like movement and a beautiful community of like-minded humans?

If yes, this Zürich City Retreat is created just for you!



3 gorgeous, light filled spaces with beautiful energy.

Friday session (opening + Sleep Concert) is taking place in Küsnacht and 2 other sessions - in central Zurich.

You'll receive all the details after your spot has been confirmed.




Get in touch through the contact form!

I can't wait to have you with us to share this very special experience.

Can I just join one of the two days?

It's definitely a good idea to join all 3 days if you can - this will allow the entire experience unfold step-by-step and take you deeper and deeper into meditative awareness and mind-body-spirit integration.

But, if you already busy with other things on one of the days, you can simply book one or two dates rather than the whole programme. Simply select this option when booking your spot!


What should I bring?

・Myofascial release balls (you'll receive further details after you register)

・Comfy clothes for movement

・Water bottle



Can I bring a friend?

Yes, and it's a brilliant idea!

If you'd like to experience this city retreat together with a friend, there's a special offer and a reduced price for you. Click on the dates and book your Best Friend Ticket.




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