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Zürich: Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing


Zürich: Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing


What is Sound Healing?


Sound Healing is the specific and intentional use of frequencies to promote healing and balance. It addresses and aligns various planes of our existence, from the physical to the emotional and spiritual level by using different instruments and the voice. In a way, it helps us to be more in tune with the ourselves and in sync with the natural laws, structure and order of the cosmos. Our bodies have a natural ability to heal and regenerate themselves, to recreate order, balance and harmony. Our bodies naturally seek homeostasis and want to be in tune, but many factors can hinder this natural process such as pollutants and toxins, lifestyle, diet, lack of movement or mind state. Sound affects us on so many different levels, from the cellular function to the tissues, hormones, brain waves and the flow of energy in our body. It does not only work within the body, but also on the aura - our energy field, the bioelectrical field around the body. Sound can trigger bodily responses by changing brain chemicals. It can alter our heart rate, blood pressure, our emotional state and muscle tension. 

Effects of Sound Healing include:


  • stress reduction

  • emotional balance

  • lowered blood pressure

  • soothing nervous system

  • improved sleep

  • muscle relaxation

  • more coherence in the brain waves

  • deepening meditative states, calming the mind

  • pain relief

  • inducing higher states of consciousness


What is Yoga Nidra?


Yoga nidra is a profoundly restorative form of meditation that enables your brain to experience delta waves that usually only appear in deep dreamless sleep. Yoga nidra sets in motion powerful regeneration processes on a cellular level and brings about a feeling of ease and relaxation.


Synergistically, these two approaches will make any physical, mental and emotional stress effortlessly dissolve and evaporate, leaving you with a feeling of calm, peace and serenity.


Join us and give yourself, your brain and your nervous system a gift of rest and regeneration.


During this unique session, you will

• experience a unique and deeply harmonising sound journey with Marc

• feel a sense of deep relaxation and presence with a yoga nidra meditation practice guided by Elena

• your whole body restoring and regenerating on a cellular level

• stress and exhaustion effortlessly melting away and energy flowing back through a profound somatic relaxation

• feel your nervous system at ease and thoroughly reset

• your soul nourished and your energetic body re-calibrated.


Your Facilitators


About Elena

Elena is a therapist, educator and retreat leader. Over the years, she has facilitated over 100 international retreats, trained hundreds of yoga- and meditation teachers and worked 1-2-1 with patients suffering from addiction and mental challenges in a rehab clinic in Switzerland. She loves bringing together her background in therapy and a rich array of somatic release tools and her yoga- and meditation work for the benefit of her students. Read more about Elena here.


About Marc

Marc is a father, Breathwork Teacher, Transformational Guide, certified Sound Therapist, certified Esalen®Bodyworker, and the author of 'Sacred Ways – A guide to your essence' , set to be released in late 2023. Marc's diverse experiences include working as a graduate social educator with troubled youth and refugees, as well as a trained family counselor. The culmination of his background in Humanistic Psychology, and expertise in the Healing Arts has given rise to the Naikando Method®, a transformative approach that elevates  mind, body, and soul. Read more about Marc here.



Where and Where

Flow60 - a big, stunning wooden space in Zollikerberg overlooking the forest and just a 15-minute bus or car ride from the centre of Zurich.

12 November 2023 from 16-19.


What should I bring?

・Comfy clothes for movement

・Water bottle



Can I bring a friend?

Yes, and it's a brilliant idea!

If you'd like to share this unique experience together with a friend, there's a special offer and a reduced price for you. Click on the dates and book your Best Friend Ticket.




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