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Restore and Release: Myofascial Release and Deep Restorative Yoga



Restore and Release: Myofascial Release and Deep Restorative Yoga


Would you like to

  • forget about headaches related to neck tension?
  • stop experiencing lower back and sciatic pains?
  • learn how to deliver self-massage exactly where you need it?
  • be in charge of how your muscles and connective tissue feel?
  • have a healthy and well-hydrated connective tissue which is important for overall health and mobility?
  • have a sustainable yoga practice using the deep understanding of fascia?
  • re-program your sitting and walking patterns and have a healthy posture?
  • feel amazing in your own body as you move?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, learning about fascia and deep restorative yoga is key.


In this workshop we will focus on creating space in your body and improving mobility.


We will focus on using two approaches: deep restorative yoga and myofascial release.


Deep restorative yoga will help you

  • to melt away stress and emotional tension - this works via your nervous system that interprets slow supported movement in combination with deep breath as being in a place of safety
  • to mobilize joints - this will allow you to move more freely, a great way to start the year especially if you tend to feel a bit like a Tin man
  • to lengthen tight muscles - your hamstrings, calves, shoulders and chest muscles that regularly get tight will really appreciate it
  • to improve blood and lymph supply to tissues including ligaments and tendons - this will improve elasticity of the dense tissues and help to prevent injuries when you are skiing, running, practicing weight training or any other sports.


Myofascial release technique will help you

  • release muscular knots and trigger points  - you’ll map out your body using my guidance and find out which practices are most relevant to you so you can feel open and pain free in your body
  • improve posture - you’ll learn the exercises that will help you significantly improve your posture habits
  • learn a set of exercises that will help you balance your body when you experience hip or shoulder pain, tension or discomfort as a result of sitting at your desk or post workout.


After this workshop you’ll be equipped with an excellent toolbox that will help you feel amazing in your body: open, mobile and tension-free.



What is myofascial release?

Myofascial release is a practice that introduces and emphasises lengthening of fascial lines throughout the body and targeted deep stretches to create more freedom of movement, improve the postural alignment and blood circulation and oxygenation of muscles and connective tissue. It may help relieve muscle soreness and release tight areas in the body. It may also alleviate pain and restore movement and function within the joints and soft tissue.


Sunday 7 January 2024 from 16-19.


This course is taught by Elena Mironov, a psychologist and yoga teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience and specialising in myofascial release.


What you’ll need

  • a yoga mat
  • 2 blocks
  • myofascial release balls (1 double and 2 x single)

We’ll only use small myofascial release and you won’t need a roller or any big props, neither at the workshop not at home.


This workshop is taking place at Flow60 studio in Zollikerberg Zurich.

Address: Trichtenhauser Strasse 57, CH-8125 Zollikerberg




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