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Copenhagen City Retreat


Copenhagen City Retreat

During this city retreat what awaits you is a liberating, tension melting, heart opening, flowing and nourishing practice.

With generously long, delicious 3-hour sessions we'll be able to go deep into every part and system of your body.


During this soul nurturing weekend in a beautiful community, we will

・tone and lengthen the muscles

・lubricate and mobilise the joints

・improve circulation and lymph flow through the body

・soothe the nervous system

・relax the brain and give the thinking mind a much needed break as we dive into an intuitive, meditative space of pure being.


Our main focus in this city retreat is WATER element practice - Ayurvedically speaking the best selection of yoga sessions to balance your body and mind during the Summer season.

If you have already experienced a water element practice with me, I don't have to say anything... And if you haven't yet, you're in for a treat!


You’ll feel

• the fluidity of movement melting stress and tightness, cleansing you from the inside

• Prana - life force - flowing freely through your body and tingling in through your spine

• life awakening, flowing and blossoming in every cell of your body.


So, book your spot, invite your bestie (there's a special offer for 2 friends joining together!) and get ready to celebrate Summer.

This city retreat is like saying a full body YES to your and to your inner and energetic awakening!






・Are you ready to melt knots, tight spots and frozen areas in your body that are blocking the free flow of energy?

・Are you prepared to discover your favourite new ways to move to liberate your spine, lubricate your joints and lengthen muscles + fascia?

・Do you want to switch off your mind for a while, giving the infinite intelligence of your body and your intuition a chance speak?

・Would you love to experience a state of fluidity, openness and total freedom in your body and mind?

・Finally, would you appreciate 100% "me"-time for one whole weekend, music, healing and cleansing water-like movement and a beautiful community of like-minded humans?

If yes, this Copenhagen City Retreat is created just for you!



This city retreat is happening at a gorgeous Iluma Yoga Studio in Frederiksberg. The address of the studio is Ingemannsvej 3c, 1. sal, 1964 Frederiksberg.

You'll receive all the details after your spot has been confirmed.




What should I bring?

・Myofascial release balls (you'll receive further details after you register)

・Comfy clothes for movement

・Water bottle




Get in touch through the contact form!

I can't wait to have you with us to share this very special experience.


13+14 July. Both days from 14-17

Optional social time together with the group after Saturday's session. You'll receive information about it once you've booked your spot.


What Awaits You



This is a practice that unfolds slowly.

We start with gentle meditative movement, gradually building towards deeper muscular and fascia release through poses and transitions.

We pay particular attention to the joint mobility and lubrication with circular water element movement, hydrating the tissues and softening any postural tension.

At the end of this session your mind and body feel present, safe, open, regulated, relaxed and deeply cared for.


This non-linear movement meditation experience is different from what you're used to, so bring your open mind and readiness to play, connect and express your emotions.

You can expect this practice to transport you into a state of deeper connection with yourself and the group, taking you further to explore the oceanic rhythm of your breath merged with the movement. With every breath you will untangle layers of conditioning, physical tension and release energetic blocks.

This will allow you to regulate your nervous system and recalibrate your emotional state in a creative, playful and very effective way.

At the end of this session you will feel both a sense of calm and a whole-body-smile, peaceful joy and a sense of connection, as if champagne bubbles were rising from your feet up to your head!