Swiss Alps retreats are open for registration!




If you have ever dreamed about having a yoga retreat created and customised especially for you and your friends/family, this is a brilliant opportunity to make it happen! Not only can you select the destination and the programme, you can also request a special menu and the direction of the yoga sessions. You can choose to book a yin or restorative yoga retreat, or a retreat where you will receive lots of guidance in a specific theme: whether it's breathing techniques, meditation, handstands or anything else you are interested in.

And for companies, you can choose to combine the yoga retreat with adventurous and active outdoor team building activities that your team will never forget, or even add a new dimension by combining the company yoga retreat with a leadership/performance optimization/organization development training facilitated by our fantastic partners. Alternatively, the company yoga retreat is combinable with a press trip or product launch.





The programme of a private or company retreat is fully customised - you request a theme you are interested in and we will build a retreat with this theme in mind. The areas we specialise in include hatha yoga from elemental vinyasa flow to peaceful hatha with a therapeutic quality, yin yoga, myofascial release, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, pranayama and meditation. All sessions will be adapted to the group and modifications of the poses will be offered to cater for all participants and to ensure that everyone is receiving the benefits of the practice and the individualised attention.


7.30-9.00 Morning yoga + meditation

9.00-10.00 Breakfast

10.00-13.00 Team activities, nature activities, spa or rest 

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-17.00 Team activities, nature activities, spa or rest 

17.00-18.30 Evening yoga 

18.30-19.00 Optional meditation self-practice

19.00 Dinner


You can choose among our published partners (the countries and centres currently listed on the website) or ask us about a specific country or region as in addition to published destinations, we also have partners who can facilitate a retreat upon request.


The sessions are lead by one or two of our experienced yoga and meditation teachers, that are just as great at introducing yoga to new beginners as helping the experienced practitioners take their practice to a new level. Inspirational, knowledgeable and skilled, our yoga teachers will charge the group and each individual with their passion and inspire to not only dedicate the days of the retreat to yoga and meditation, but to integrate these amazing tools into your daily life post-retreat. Read more here.


The menu is customisable and diverse, and always includes some local treats and specialties.  


In all our retreat destinations, nature is a big part of the programme, and you can expect hikes, outdoor sessions or nature explorations facilitated by amazing local guides that we co-create with. For company retreats, we offer outdoor team building games and activities carried out by the professionals which will leave your team excited, inspired and connected.


The prices depend on the group size, destination, programme and menu - contact us for an offer.


Please fill out the contact form with your requirements including preferred dates, destination, group size and programme, and we'll get back to you with a quote.



I loved the location, the attendees, the balance of challenge and serenity of the yoga practice. I enjoyed everything! Elena is always encouraging while helping us to not strive or push ourselves excessively. Elena, I just wanted to thank you for creating this magical yoga oasis. I loved how you smiled beautifully + authentically throughout the retreat. It set the tone to the entire retreat. With love, J

Jennifer. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015

Very lovely place with quiet and peace. The private lagoon was perfect. Elena - you are a very skilled and good at creating practices that fit each individual.And you seem very balanced which reflects in your classes.

Rasmus, Denmark. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015

The best yoga teacher with a very inspiring lifestyle. Loved the atmosphere in the class, lagoon and surroundings. Love the music and the yoga practice. Hope to see you again! Love, D

Dorthe, Denmark. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015

I really liked the group. I love your positivity and patience/spirit + your experience. This is a very beautiful, special place. Really liked the yoga for its dynamism, how it built up from class to class, how it’s so flowing yet very challenging at times. Meditation was great too, but I am more of a movement person.

Cosima, Denmark. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015

I enjoyed the holistic and integrative approach - everything fitted so well together and things and people complemented each other: the group, the teacher, the location, the practice, the nature, the music. Dear Elena, it has been real pleasure to experience this retreat in beautiful Iceland with you. Thank you for being an amazing teacher. I have a feeling we will meet again sometime soon. All the best, love and light on the path of yoga and life XX

Helene, Austria. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015

Beautiful place, nice atmosphere, amazing practice and teacher! I enjoyed it a lot and it was even better than expected.

Stefanie, Switzerland. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015

Elena, you have a beautiful voice to listen to during the yoga class. I liked the intensity of the classes as well.

Manuela, Switzerland. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015

We had the most enjoyable weekend yoga retreat in Iceland with Sparkling Yoga. Elena is a wonderful teacher and has a gentle and playful approach to her classes. The classes combined with the thermal pools at the blue lagoon made it a memorable experience. I would definitely go on another of Elena’s retreats.

Mungo, UK. Iceland Magic. Oct 2014

Location - beautiful. Elena - voice, yoga nidra, sense of calm and peace. You are like an angel. Thank you for being so lovely and sharing this experience with me. Please keep me on the mailing list as I would love to join you on future retreats.

Giovanna. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015

The magic of Iceland, which was reflected on the retreat. Fairy Elena made me feel like a little elf who was guided into a life filled with more light and joy. The classes were easy to follow but still I was challenged and took a massive step forward. Thank you Elena for giving us so much strength and for showing us a way. That’s what I was looking for

Kathrin, Austria. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015

I enjoyed the balance between dynamic and physical practice and the constant calmness and grounding. The location is magical and so is the yoga practice! I enjoyed every class and felt it had a good balance. Dear Elena, thank you so much for another wonderful retreat. I really needed it! Also thank you for your calm and sweet presence. You said some things that really resonated with me and the things I’m going through at the moment. Hope to see you soon in Copenhagen!

Gitte, Denmark. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015

I enjoyed the place, the focus, the purity. The bubble effect of the retreat. The teacher and her ability to include everyone.The location - beautiful and pure place. Thank you!

Ulla, Denmark. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015

The nature and surroundings are an amazing offset for the practice, very nurturing and relaxing. I enjoyed the mixture of classes based on the elements and your gift to adjust the sessions depending on the group. I love that we practice to music and the poses have great variety. The way that the classes are structured suits me well and mix of physical and meditation is very balanced. Hope to join you in Morocco or Bali!

Louise, Denmark. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015

The surrounding and the lagoon are wonderful. Elena - you are a beautiful person.

Susanne, Denmark. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015

Elena, you are the best teacher!! Really nice practices, enjoyed them all!! Found them a bit softer than last time - but that could also be just me..As always, really nice to be at the lagoon.

Mette, Denmark. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015

I love the location which is perfect in connection with doing a lot of yoga, going into the lagoon after the classes was very enjoyable and the views magnificent. I feel that I got deeper into the poses and loosened up more that I have done in a long time, extremely pleasant feeling 🙂 I could probably use another couple of days here. Thank you!

Tijana, UK. Iceland Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Mar 2015