Thank you for another life-affirming trip! I appreciate you and everything you do!

Can’t wait to come back!

Everything was perfect. Your voice, patience, challenging us, tips + tricks. Excellent hotel choice.

Thank you so much Elena!! Such a lovely experience. You overdelivered!!

Thank you so much for this experience!

I really didn’t know what to expect, and in the end it was way better than I imagined. I enjoyed everything!

This retreat has been incredibly good to me.

I arrived here with a foggy mind and a tired body.

I’m going back with a peaceful mind and a recharged body.

I met some amazing souls and hopefully found friends for life.

Thank you for everything. I’m blessed I had a chance to have this experience with you.

Elena is an amazing teacher. Her classes are one of a kind and I enjoyed them fully. Actually, I enjoyed everything about the programme!

Thank you Elena again for this amazing retreat. It enabled me to take a pause from the hectic everyday life and to reflect, turn inward and take at the time to connect with myself. Also, I was gently pushed towards a more intense practice of yoga that I missed a lot recently. Thank you!

Teacher was very flexible and able to adapt to students with different levels of skill and needs.

The practice was very varied yet challenging every time. I especially loved the combination of yoga, meditation, physio + exercises with myofascial release balls.

Exercises were easy to follow and get can be incorporated into my daily practice.

Easy going + relaxed attitude. Nothing was ever forced on anybody.

It was a great variety of participants. The programme was well structured, just enough yoga vs alone time.

Thank you! I really enjoyed it and look forward to another one, same place, next year!

I’ve been out of practice for a number of months, so this retreat’s purpose for me was to get back into it and it was perfect!

We went through a variety of old and new postures and sequences so I have a lot of ideas to work with in my daily practice at home.

Overall, I’m going home energised and with a solid boost of motivation. I’ll be back here for sure! Thank you!

This retreat was the ideal combination of beautiful surroundings, nature, great hotel and, mostly importantly, excellent yoga with a very competent, professional and always smiling teacher

Elena has simply created a perfect getaway. I’ll be back!


I really loved Elena’s clear, careful and specific teachings.

I enjoyed everything! Especially the therapeutic part that Elena brought into the programme.

Thank you dear Elena for this amazing and inspiring retreat! It was exactly what I needed. I was able to dive into your teachings and enjoyed it so much to be a yoga student! Now I feel nourished, inspired and filled with prana, in my heart, my soul and my body.


It was the second time I joined this retreat.

I love the challenging and kind approach to yoga. All was really good. More yoga nidra please!

Love the hotel!

Thank you Elena! I had a great time!