Elena’s voice is soothing, melodious and calming. She’s authentic in her approach and teaching. These values + traits are important to me.

I love the slow pace which fits all of us here. We can choose to do more (or less) with no pressure.


This was my third retreat with Elena and the first one in this beautiful location, in a stunning mountain hotel surrounded by nature.

Elena’s classes are a perfect blend of meditation, challenging yoga poses, use of myofascial release balls and relaxing practices like yoga nidra. Her voice is very soothing, and I regularly fall asleep during savasana.

The programme was perfect, as usual, but each time different, and Elena always adapts to each group’s specificities.

Elena has a gift to find perfect spots and to create a wonderful atmosphere during her retreats, encouraging connections between guests from all over the world.

I can only recommend Sparkling Yoga Retreats and will be back for sure. Most participants have already attended Elena’s retreats before, which in itself says a lot.

I’m leaving the retreat feeling relaxed, more grounded, and enriched by having met wonderful new people.

I was thinking about why I liked the retreat so much (besides the great and diverse yoga sessions, hotel, food, surroundings, lovely group etc) and one of the things that stood out for me was how authentic you are as a teacher and person.
This I think created the space for everyone to also be themselves. Such an essential and valuable basis for a retreat.
So thank you again for last week, I still feel super relaxed and inspired!!

It was really wonderful, I liked the variety in yoga very much & also the quotes you have selected touched me much. All in all, the spirit of you and the whole setup are healing and magical!

Thank you very much ♡

Very nice atmosphere & lovely location. Leisure options were superb, especially cross-country skiing and mountain hikes.

The sauna was a nice add on.

Many inspiring ideas for exploration and a gentle intro into meditation.

Loved the multi-cultural flair! Thank you!

I leave this retreat peaceful and regenerated thanks to meditation, yoga and the delicious food always beautifully presented.

The retreats with Elena are always extraordinary: elegant place, high quality hotel next to hiking trails. Elena knows how to renew the practice, and after several retreats with her it is as if it were always a first.

I am very grateful to have shared these moments with a group of old and new professional Sparkling Yoga retreaters!

In a nutshell:

The best thing about the teacher: her professionalism, her attention, her joy. Nothing could be done better.

What did you enjoy about the programme: the variety in the practice, the hikes, the welcoming hotel with spacious rooms and spa.

Any comments about the hotel: delicious fine food, attentive and friendly staff.

Thank you!

Thank YOU. The whole experience made me closer towards myself. I felt really wonderful about who I am afterwards. The meditation we have, your words, it felt grounding, personal, healing. It gave me a new perspective, a new definition of emptiness, a place to start over from a clean slate because now I came home and I look at every experience differently.

The retreat also got me hooked to meditation, I never skipped a day since (thank you for your online material). I feel incredible and as a yoga teacher myself, all of this reflects on my teaching and that is priceless. I also really like the quality of attention during the retreat. It felt like everyone was being taken care of, freedom to do whatever they wanted and at the same time being with the whole group including when we are on the mat, different shapes but same goals. Then the food! It was great! I picked great habits and taste buds from this experience. I sure am coming back. Again thank you!

It’s perfect! Keep rocking, you’re doing an amazing job!

This was my second retreat with Elena.

Elena is a fantastic teacher. Her classes are a perfect blend of meditation, challenging yoga poses and relaxation. Her voice is also very soothing.

The programme was perfect. With very challenging and invigorating classes in the morning and more relaxing classes in the evening.

The hotel is just marvellous. The location is wonderful, the rooms are gorgeous and very quiet. Food is delicious.

This was my second retreat, and Elena’s classes are always different and a great source of inspiration. I met some beautiful people and the energy of the group was lovely. I can only recommend Sparkling Yoga Retreats!

I didn’t expect to have such a wonderful time. Everything came together in harmony: the place, the people, the yoga sessions, food, relaxing…but also going on a journey to find an improved version of Maria!

I am hooked, see you soon!