I enjoyed the yoga!!! + the food, the nature, the sauna. Breathing, eating, being, sweating. Teachers’s focus on background and theory, humour, presence.

Variety in classes (and teachers) + amazing location. Both teachers were very approachable and down to earth. It felt like home. Thank you!

I enjoyed the different kind of yoga and meditation, the possibility to release and let go, the teachers’ knowledge and passion. Very nice place, quiet and very good food. Thank you for 4 lovely days!

I enjoyed the holistic approach. From natur to yoga to food. Friendliness, the capability to make everyone feel safe both physically and mentally. Thank you!

A perfect combination: great teaching and method. Great explanations, kindness, calm and serenity.

The synergy of everything being amazing – nature, food, yoga, meditation, sauna, treatments, people 🙂 I appreciated the personal connection that was present with both you and Ben. I felt safe and respected at my level of practice. I felt that your classes worked well as supplements to each other, e.g. after a very physical class with you, we had a very relaxing class with Ben. This was great and you could probably do even more like this. You radiate a lot of positivity, which really gives an uplifting energy to your yoga classes. Keep doing that! 🙂

Just wanted to say thank you very much for what was a wonderful first yoga retreat for me. Everything was just perfect, I feel grounded and rejuvenated and I have been inspired to practice yoga and meditation more regularly back home in London. I hope to attend another retreat next year!

The structure, the quiet, the surroundings, the food, the company. Fabulous.

It was a great chance to get into a slower pace of life, to have time to just be me. The combination of yoga, meditation and pranayama and time inbetween put me in a good place to think about my life while also enjoying the bodily efforts and the beautiful scenery. And to slow down the pace in between. I both enjoyed the time to really breathe and the fun and difficult classes you put us through.

I absolutely love Elena’s teaching, beautiful soul and peaceful spirit! Lovely also to try Ben’s teaching – you complement one another wonderfully! You have to do it again! The sauna and lake evening was amazing! Beautiful retreat centre, loved the calmness and simplicity of the place that holds you but yet gives you freedom to explore. Gorgeous food and staff.