The teacher was open, knowledgeable, caring – perfect! The 2 lessons I joined were just what I wanted for my short stay. Keep on doing this!!

Thank you again Elena for having me join your group – I felt at home from the moment I got here. See you again! I have learned new things once more and I feel privileged to have you as one of my teachers.

The teacher has empathy & respect varying level in the class. Providing holistic practice (mind, body & soul). Location was beautiful, food amazing (indulgent but healthy), staff was very helpful & attentive.

I enjoyed flexibility to allow for individual time vs. group interactions, care and detail in food, accommodation.

I love that the group was kept small and the location kept exclusive for our use.

From your conversations/sharing, I appreciate and recommend that as much as possible, please keep your vision alive and don’t compromise on your standards. Knowing your integrity for this is what will keep me coming back and strongly recommending to others who appreciate the quality.

Thank you so much for the 1:1 sessions!

Elena has a unique empathy and understanding of the individual body and mind. Great variety in yoga poses & level. Absolutely amazing place & service!

Your teaching and sequencing are excellent. Well thought through and as challenging as it is enjoyable. Thank you for all your effort and compassion that led to the retreat. See you again!

Teacher: great voice, explanations of asanas from one pose to the next.

Facilities: just beautiful, calm, great nature around.

Than you so much, Elena! It was great to be around you.

Elena has a very good and deep knowledge of yoga.

I enjoyed tranquility + service.

I enjoyed the balance between meditation and asana.

Schedule was well paced. No rush – ample free time.

The hotel is gorgeous – staff amazing and helpful.

Food was outstanding.

Thank you for a well organised and beautiful getaway.

Elena is a fantastic teacher, and I really enjoy her teaching style. She has an eye for everyone, has the most beautiful voice. She is just lovely.

We have been around every muscle in the body and we have been playing with the practice. I liked the way we have been building up for the poses.

Hotel and facilities: fantastic.