Dear Elena, I’m so blessed and thankful for the days with you in this beautiful landscape. Thank you so much for your wisdom and your teachings. I find my limits and stay in my balance, alive and feeling myself and my soul. I will take a lot of great experiences with me in my heart. See you, and I’m looking forward to my next retreat!

The good thing about the teacher was her voice and encouraging words. I enjoyed the hike, the boat trip.

Thank you so much Elena & Maria for giving so much of yourselves to helping me grow. I feel I am stronger and it is a journey I will continue to work on.

Thank you for being so open.

The teachers had wonderful adaptation to participant’s needs. Could not imagine any better! Mind body balance was perfect. Keep going!

Both teachers were very clear, patient, well-paced – but firm! The natural environment was fantastic. The staff was very professional, food was excellent.

The teachers were very dedicated. Great to have 2 teachers! Great personal coaching. Great instructions. Very easy to understand.

Very good variation of the programme. Much good meditation. Very good atmosphere! Beautiful place for yoga & reflection.

A wonderful week in a beautiful place perfect for yoga, mediation and reflection. Excellent and professional instructions and personal coaching. Much learning and inspiration to take home with me. Thank you!

The teachers were creative, they encouraged, challenged, looked after. I enjoyed the physical practice. The staff was very helpful, room lovely! It’s an eye opening experience, I made memories, learned a lot & had so much fun.

Vibes & energy created by the teachers, location, group & yoga was so positive… Finally having 2 teachers was very special, felt looked after and made practice very unique.

Full of gratitude.

Great lessons — You have such a good aura and a wonderful sense of humor! There’s a good mix between yoga and free time! Fantastic place, good food, wonderful nature!

Vielen herzlichen Dank für die wunderschöne Zeit. Ich gehe zufrieden & glücklich nach Hause. Ich bin motiviert weiterhin ganz fleissig Yoga zu üben!

Ich hoffe ich sehe dich bald wieder in Zürich oder vielleicht in einem anderen Retreat!

I loved the pace and attention to tailor program to the group – loved the added hands-on adjustments which will improve my practice at home. I enjoyed the quality of your teaching and unique locations. I felt spoilt in my second floor view overlooking the beautiful fjords.

I would not hesitate booking another retreat with Sparkling Yoga. I follow your CDs at home and enjoy your guidance and calming voice.


In my practice with Elena, I enjoy most how we work on different “issues” from one session to the other – with a purpose – and how it all comes together in the end. The build up is fantastic.
In my retreat experiences with Sparkling Yoga, I enjoy seeing how different people in the group find each other, how one learns from the others and how the whole group comes together in the end – just like the practice.
+ locations never disappoint!