In my practice with Elena, I enjoy most how we work on different “issues” from one session to the other – with a purpose – and how it all comes together in the end. The build up is fantastic.
In my retreat experiences with Sparkling Yoga, I enjoy seeing how different people in the group find each other, how one learns from the others and how the whole group comes together in the end – just like the practice.
+ locations never disappoint!

The rain, sounds of nature, crackling fireplace and piano are melting into a feeling of home for me.
Thank you got an amazing experience in Norway.

Excellent to have two teachers! And both of you have special + unique skills.
Both very strong and very gentle, perfect combination and a way to challenge boundaries in a healthy and mindful manner.
Good balance between effort and rest.

Calm, welcoming, knowledgeable, clear teacher.

Fantastic. Challenging. Revealing. Humbling.

Beyond expectation, my body was reminded what it is capable of after a hiatus from movement and self-promotion. A thank you for awakening this in such a perfect environment & lifetime adventure!
Your inspiration, guidance & state of lovely soulfulness combined with nature’s most perfect offering, the water and the land, was humbling, rejuvenating and a perfect start for a more positive journey forward.
Thank you Elena.

I took this retreat to inspire my own practice and to help me inspire those I teach and I feel that I certainly have plenty of learning & inspiration from Elena to do that. It was just very nice to learn new things as well as new ways of doing old things.
Plus – very importantly – to feel full confidence in the teacher’s skills & knowledge which I did – helped me relax knowing I was in good hands.

Yet another stunning & pleasurable retreat – you never fail to find the right spot with the right group of people. The closing harmonious ommmmh! said it all.
I really enjoyed the stunning location.
Thanks also for your well timed assists.
It’s been a pleasure to share this week together with all the beautiful souls! Thanks for your sparkling gravity in bringing us all together! Much love and gratitude.

I enjoyed teachers’ dedication. 100% well prepared, diversity, detail! Breaking it down & building it up!
The length of the sessions was super.
Excellent location, nice cosy room for yoga.
Thank you Elena and Maria!