At a Sparkling Yoga Retreat, you have guaranteed that your yoga practice will improve, whatever your level is. You will find challenging asanas, sore muscles, hypnotic restorative yoga nidra sessions, inspiring meditations and classes with a perfect balance between thoughtfulness and play.

Elena has an astonishing ability to adapt the class to every single practitioner needs, a gift that stems from her deep understanding of our minds and bodies.

You will delight in healthy and tasty food, an astounding Nature, adventures in a fairy tale environment, and on top of that an inspiring group of people among whom you can have space to be on your own but also, literally, you will find friends for a lifetime, … no idea of how she manages to create this atmosphere, but it keeps being better and better with every retreat.

There is all of this and much more in an Elena’s retreat, it’s a given. But the magic is hidden in its slogan “Yoga Adventure of a Lifetime”. If you allow a Sparkling retreat to nourish your soul, your life will not be the same. With Elena, you know where your path starts but, fortunately, not when it ends.

Thank you so much for a “NOT once in a lifetime experience”, but for a “lifetime experience”!

First of all I would like to thank you for making this yoga retreat so special and much more than just a regular retreat. You have put so much passion, dedication and love in it that the spark leaped over to every single participant. You teach from the heart and one can see that yoga is not only what you do for a living but actually your life.
Your optimism is unbreakable and even if you are making us sweat and stay on the mat in hard position, you have the gift of making us feel good doing it. Therefore one feels great after every class of yours, because one was able to overcome inner demons and transform them into lightness.

Your classes are perfectly well structured and balanced. I especially like that you always give some more challenging options for the advanced yogis. I enjoyed every single yoga class and thought that the themes were wisely chosen. And the warm hands on of Cristina were a real surprise for me. She made us go even deeper into the poses or stretched us exactly where we would need it.

Besides your teaching skills I think you have a massive talent in finding hidden gems all over the world. The Norway location in the mountains next to the Fjord could not have been any more spectacular in any way. And among the people you bring together in your retreats there is a great potential of finding some new friends for a lifetime.

This retreat has changed me in many ways and you definitely got me hooked for many more retreats to come.

My sincerest gratitude,


The location is truly a hidden gem and well worth traveling from all the
way from another continent. Sharing the time with extraordinary
teachers; Elena and Christina, and fantastic participants from around
the world was an unforgettable experience.

I loved the feeling of sore muscles of my whole body from challenging
yoga asanas and a hike in the spectacular Norwegian nature, which
was a proof of accomplishment.

I can’t thank you enough for creating this wonderful retreat!

Elena’s retreat will leave you not just sparkling, but glowing. This was my second time on the Norway retreat, and the magic is still in the air from the first one. This opportunity, this adventure, this group of people…it’s like coming home to one’s self. I’ll never be able to say enough good thing about this retreat of the profound effect it will carry forward in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It was my 3rd retreat with Sparkling Yoga.

The combination of yoga, activities and food were excellent.

Elena and Christina – together, you were a perfect combination.

Favourite retreat to date!

Thank you so much for an amazing retreat experience. Coming to a retreat is always carving out some time for myself. I could not have predicted that coming to this special place in Norway would offer everything I was looking for: active yoga classes, meditation, eventful hikes, meeting people from all over the world. I am truly grateful to have met you + become a part of your yoga retreats. Special thank you to Christina who went above and beyond to make me feel supported + challenge my poses to be deeper. Thank you!

Very thoughtful and well balanced classes, so many great modifications and options.

The programme was perfect. Amazing food and staff. Thank you!

I can’t wait for more to come..Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having given me the chance to join you in Norway!

For me, this retreat was like coming home. Not only coming home in the nature of my home country, but also coming home in my body, my mind, my heart – connecting with nature, myself and all the beautiful souls of this very international group.

Truly amazing yoga experience with yogis from all over the world!

Perfect and so beautiful. The location is a hidden pearl. Thank you so much. I will be forever grateful.

I loved location, hiking and yoga. Excellent teaching/instruction.

I enjoyed the variety of activities/options for challenge and exploration.

Everything was excellent!