I enjoyed yoga, food, sun. I loved the hotel. I think it’s very down to earth and beautiful.
I think it’s one of the best yoga retreats I’ve been to and I definitely recommend it to my friends.

The good thing about the teachers was…everything! Great co-work, you complement each other. 2 lessons per day = perfect.
Hotel, facilities, food – superb!
Love you & a big thank you!

Super inspiring week!
Teachers: very welcoming and adaptive in practice, attentive.
Just what I was looking for to start up my movement practice properly again.

Both teachers were extremely supportive and inspiring.
I liked the way the classes progressed, building upon each other.
Food was awesome, my room was lovely, everywhere very clean, and the staff polite and kind.
I will be back!

The teachers were very good. The good things were many, I loved all the classes and the teachers were always there if you had questions. They worked well together. Elena for me is more calm and her classes evolve around strength while Lauren was more upbeat with intense flow.
The retreat inspired me to keep up a regular practice at home. It also taught me a lot about the foundations which makes me more confident in my self practice.
Everything was perfect. The food, the service and facilities were amazing. The staff is super friendly and accommodating.

Teachers: inspiring, open and giving; a good balance between them. They were great.
I had a great time with a wonderful group of people and teachers. Would definitely do it again and hope Elena and Lauren do another retreat together at an exotic location!

It was a really nice retreat. I was traveling alone and still met open and happy people.
The programme was perfect – a good combo of yoga, a trip to Marrakech and the trekking opportunity.
A very pleasant atmosphere and a lot of hard work, good food and laughs. Would go again for sure!

The retreat in Morocco with Sparkling Yoga was my first ever experience with yoga. I had worked a lot for a long period of time, and felt like relaxing and getting a bit out of my comfort zone. The experience was extremely positive. Elena created a warm and relaxing atmosphere, where both beginners and more experienced practitioners felt welcome, and she was really good at adjusting the training to the groups different levels and the mood of the day. Overall I can say without a doubt that it was the most relaxing holiday of my life, and I came back after a week feeling happy and full of energy. Thanks for a great time, I will definitely come back another time.

Yoga, the peaceful place, the food and the possibilities for hiking complemented each other. The best thing about the teacher is Elena’s sweetness when she’s correcting the poses by hands. Very good instructions. Lovely place! Fantastic that we had it almost to ourselves. Very kind and helpful staff.

I loved everything!! Perfect amount of yoga and free time. Perfect surroundings, very relaxing and restoring. Very good yoga and you explained the postures very well. Good music!