Elena has a very intuitive approach towards her students, individually and as a group.
Her unique way of integrating a range of yoga elements into morning and evening practices brings me back to her retreats again and again.
It was a very good – perfect! – combination of classes. Very good mix in every session. I have stopped bringing my expectations to the retreats, instead I enjoy leaning into your guidance and practice.
The place was amazing!

Uplifting, open-hearted, grounding, holistic approach.
Elena conveyed a spirit of wellbeing though manner, words + actions, which has bearing on students.
The retreat has encouraged me to practice more consistently + to allow it to be integrated into my lifestyle.

I really got a lot out of the retreat, so I just wanted to say thank you again.

I was so happy that as a beginner, I was able to follow Elena’s instructions. Also she is very intuitive and so I felt comfortable to trust in starting to practise and being able to ask for help if I had needed – or she was able to see immediately if anyone needed guidance.

I was very happy with the mix and amount of classes.

I was still able to participate fully as a beginner – but also challenged so I felt an achievement at the end. I will now seek to practise yoga as part of my life – am very grateful for this introduction.

The hotel was beautiful, comfortable, fantastic.

The mix of meditation, restorative and active yoga at the retreat was perfect for me as I have long been wanting to become more in the habit of meditating – and also it was great for my body to have some physical challenge and to start to build some all over strength. I really appreciated your method of teaching as I could always follow your guidance clearly and you seem to have a great intuition, for example reminding us to take away our expectations on ourselves and not to allow our practice to be affected by a busy mind. I will definitely continue in the practice of yoga and am really grateful for having the best introduction possible!

Thanks again and hope to see you on another retreat.

I very much enjoyed the diversity of the practice and the way you framed each session. It gave everything a very immersive feel and made me feel focused and energised. I also really liked using the massage balls.
You did an amazing job teaching – and I think it was great that one of the two practices of the day had a more restorative character. Personally I’d be intrigued to try one of your ‘MOVE’ retreats as well, as I do like an even more vigorous practice from time to time.
Very high service level. Super friendly staff. Lovely room.