I liked the mountain hike and a good mixture of relaxation and activity. Everything was just perfect!
The whole retreat supported an individual development as well as created a magic bubble around us to enjoy and to be within ourselves as well as enjoy the company of each other, leaving us energised, grounded and focused.
Thank you Elena!

It was my first retreat.
The atmosphere was very quiet and had something magical about it to help me calm down, clear my mind as well as focus on breathing and meditation.
I liked the hike very much as well as the programme with one morning and one afternoon class.
The hotel was nice and clean, very friendly. Delicious food.
Thank you Elena.

Alt er bare fantastisk – og anbefalelses værdigt.
Håber jeg igen kan komme til retreat hos dig.

I enjoyed Elena’s comprehensive and deep knowledge, her compassion and presence.
I loved everything about the programme.
The hotel offered the best food ever and so great in regards to special neds.
I’ll come back next year if not before.

Elena, you are an excellent yoga teacher, but like I said in the closing circle, I learned more than just yoga here and especially from you: taking it easy on myself, others and the world, and slowing down, considerably.
I am looking forward to another retreat with you, and your charming and engaging personality.
Thank you ever so much.

Elena, du bist für mich eine bezaubernde wundervolle Yogalehrerin mit einen tiefen Wissen und großer Erfahrung in so vielen verschiedenen Themen.
Dein unglaubliches Talent lässt du jede einzelne Stunde zu etwas ganz Besonderen werden.
Du bist für mich eine Inspiration & ein Vorbild auf meinem Weg als Yogalehrerin.
Danke von Herzen, I’ll be back. Looking forward to my next Sparkling Yoga retreat with you. Namaste!

I always know when I attend Elena’s retreats that everything will be top rate. I will definitely return.
Elena is incredible, I wouldn’t change a thing. I enjoyed strengthening and restorative yoga and yoga nidra.
Everything was top rate. Great attention to detail.
Thanks for everything Elena, I am forever grateful for all that you do.

After having participated in numerous retreats and workshops alone or with a friend or relative, I am really ready to say that Sparkling Yoga retreats accommodate every need and intention one may have – and facilitate the rest, inspiration and care one needs. Thank you!

Everything was perfectly beautiful and serene.
Elena is such a beautiful spirit, I am so glad that I found this retreat.
The energy of the group was very positive and energizing, the setting was amazing and veery zen!
Elena was beautiful and really welcoming of my daughter (15) into the group and sessions.
I have learned more about yoga and Ayurvedic sessions. The use of myofascial release balls was amazing.
Gratitude and blessings.

Elena was really nice, and so was the rest of the group. It’s amazing how we all got so close in such a short amount of time.
It was my first yoga retreat and hopefully not my last. Yoga was really good and it was nice to escape reality for a bit.
The experience was calming, restful and spiritual.
The hotel was amazing, room was impeccable, and the staff were very kind.
Thank you!