I enjoyed the place, the focus, the purity. The bubble effect of the retreat. The teacher and her ability to include everyone.The location – beautiful and pure place. Thank you!

I enjoyed the balance between dynamic and physical practice and the constant calmness and grounding. The location is magical and so is the yoga practice! I enjoyed every class and felt it had a good balance. Dear Elena, thank you so much for another wonderful retreat. I really needed it! Also thank you for your calm and sweet presence. You said some things that really resonated with me and the things I’m going through at the moment. Hope to see you soon in Copenhagen!

The magic of Iceland, which was reflected on the retreat. Fairy Elena made me feel like a little elf who was guided into a life filled with more light and joy. The classes were easy to follow but still I was challenged and took a massive step forward. Thank you Elena for giving us so much strength and for showing us a way. That’s what I was looking for

Location – beautiful. Elena – voice, yoga nidra, sense of calm and peace. You are like an angel. Thank you for being so lovely and sharing this experience with me. Please keep me on the mailing list as I would love to join you on future retreats.

Elena, you have a beautiful voice to listen to during the yoga class. I liked the intensity of the classes as well.

Beautiful place, nice atmosphere, amazing practice and teacher! I enjoyed it a lot and it was even better than expected.

I enjoyed the holistic and integrative approach – everything fitted so well together and things and people complemented each other: the group, the teacher, the location, the practice, the nature, the music. Dear Elena, it has been real pleasure to experience this retreat in beautiful Iceland with you. Thank you for being an amazing teacher. I have a feeling we will meet again sometime soon. All the best, love and light on the path of yoga and life XX

I really liked the group. I love your positivity and patience/spirit + your experience. This is a very beautiful, special place. Really liked the yoga for its dynamism, how it built up from class to class, how it’s so flowing yet very challenging at times. Meditation was great too, but I am more of a movement person.

The best yoga teacher with a very inspiring lifestyle. Loved the atmosphere in the class, lagoon and surroundings. Love the music and the yoga practice. Hope to see you again! Love, D

Very lovely place with quiet and peace. The private lagoon was perfect. Elena – you are a very skilled and good at creating practices that fit each individual.And you seem very balanced which reflects in your classes.