I enjoyed amazing practices, magical landscapes and fantastic people. The retreat was way too short! 🙂
What I liked about the teacher is talent, fantastic dedication and amazing personality. The retreat centre was wonderful.

I enjoyed the place, the church, nature, the small group. Elena was present, caring, and top-pro.
I simply love it. Perfect yoga level for me.

Iceland is truly a magical place- hiking in the mountains was an amazing experience. The daily morning + evening yoga was such a perfect way to start and end the day-
I think your yoga classes + everything else is so well thought out and move and inspire me in a way I never tried before. The Saturday night class gave me complete bliss.
Am amazing place – lots to do and see, very friendly.

I loved the size of the group and how there were smaller groups of friends who came together.I loved practicing in the church.The teacher gave us time to explore and challenged us during asana practice. I enjoyed the opening night meditation. The retreat centre was wonderful as were the staff. I felt as though our presence was valued.
Those short few days I have made friendships that I hope will continue. It is nice that so many of Elena’s previous students came back. It was a beautiful way to conclude my stay in Iceland. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks so much for such a wonderful retreat!! This was truly one of the best experiences I have had – having not only the opportunity to meet such wonderful people in a beautiful setting, but also to be truly inspired to re-commit to my practice. I just found a studio close to my apartment and am heading to my first class this week. 🙂 Hope all is well back at home and definitely hope to see you at another retreat soon!

The best yoga teacher with a very inspiring lifestyle. Loved the atmosphere in the class, lagoon and surroundings. Love the music and the yoga practice. Hope to see you again! Love, D

I love the location which is perfect in connection with doing a lot of yoga, going into the lagoon after the classes was very enjoyable and the views magnificent. I feel that I got deeper into the poses and loosened up more that I have done in a long time, extremely pleasant feeling 🙂 I could probably use another couple of days here. Thank you!

Elena, you are the best teacher!! Really nice practices, enjoyed them all!! Found them a bit softer than last time – but that could also be just me..As always, really nice to be at the lagoon.

The surrounding and the lagoon are wonderful. Elena – you are a beautiful person.

The nature and surroundings are an amazing offset for the practice, very nurturing and relaxing. I enjoyed the mixture of classes based on the elements and your gift to adjust the sessions depending on the group. I love that we practice to music and the poses have great variety. The way that the classes are structured suits me well and mix of physical and meditation is very balanced. Hope to join you in Morocco or Bali!